The 7 Best Pickleball Shoes Reviewed

pickleball athletic shoes reviewed

Pickleball players may have a racquet, balls, and a court, but they need the right shoes to improve their game. The right shoes improve your footing and keep you safe, too, as the court requires a little extra traction. With the right shoes, you can enjoy all-day comfort on the court and take your game to new heights.

We found the seven outstanding pairs of pickleball shoes with options for both men and women. Furthermore, we found reasonably priced shoes ready to work at indoor or outdoor courts. Find your best pair and enjoy your game.

Best Pickleball Shoes

1. Fila Women’s Volley Zone Pickleball Shoes

Fila Women's Volley Zone Pickleball Shoes review
The Fila Women’s Volley Zone Pickleball Shoes

The classic white Fila Women’s Volley Zone Pickleball Shoes offer women exactly what they need to get to improve your performance. What’s great about these shoes is they feature a herringbone rubber outsole for exceptional traction and durability. Honestly, the only thing not to love about these shoes is the bland color choices. Otherwise, they are near perfect for women.

Choose your shoe size from women’s size 6 to 12 with half sizes too. The shoes do not come in any different widths, such as wide or medium. If you have wide feet, you will need to pick a different pair. Start with your regular size as these fit true to size.

Next, the shoes offer pivot areas in the forefront of the shoe to increase traction. The midsole offers extra cushioning to reduce fatigue. Furthermore, the TPU midfoot shank provides added stability which is great for people with ankle issues. Add in mesh uppers for breathability.

Finally, the shoes use synthetic textile with accents in leather for durability. Wipe the shoes clean, although you can remove the molded EVA sock liner for improved hygiene. While the style is not cutting edge, these lace-up shoes offer everything you need to conquer the court.

2. Fila Men’s Double Bounce Pickleball Shoes

Fila Men's Double Bounce Pickleball Shoes review
The Fila Men’s Double Bounce Pickleball Shoes

Fila does not just make shoes for women but also for men with the Fila Men’s Double Bounce Pickleball Shoes. The shoes come in a few color options, including white with navy tread, white, and white with pink tread. No matter what color you pick, these shoes are ready to improve your moves on the court.

Like the women’s version, these shoes are made with synthetic and textile material. They include a removable molded EVA sock liner. Furthermore, they include mesh upper panels to allow your feet to breathe. Wash the shoes with a warm wet cloth.

As for tread, the shoe features pivot areas in the forefront of the shoe for extra traction. A high abrasion rubber outsole increases the tread. Using a TPU midfoot shank to encourage stability and encourage all-day comfort. Also, a high abrasion toe cap ensures durability.

The shoes include extra cushioning around the midsole with energized EVA. Pick from men’s sizes 7 to 11 with half sizes available too. Do note the shoes do not offer different widths, just like the women’s shoes. Men with wide feet will want to choose different sneakers.

3. Wilson RUSH PRO 2.5 2019 Pickleball Shoes

Wilson RUSH PRO 2.5 2019 Pickleball Shoes review
The Wilson RUSH PRO 2.5 2019 Pickleball Shoes

While the Wilson RUSH PRO 2.5 2019 Pickleball Shoes are a little pricy, they will keep you comfortable on the court. You get two vibrant color options, including a red with gray accents and a more patriotic option in blue with hints of red, white, and tan. The best feature of these shoes is the number of sizes available, including 4.5 up to men’s 14 with half sizes.

Like the last pair of shoes, these do not come in wide or medium width, but they do fit true to size. The shoes are armed with increased rubber density on the outsole to make these very durable pickleball shoes. Moreover, the shoes are optimized for movement on the court and comfort. Using Sensifeel and Endofit technology, the uppers provide an intuitive fit and structure for the ultimate comfort.

A thin layered upper increase the comfort and provides the ultimate support. Additionally, DF1 allows for low-to-the-ground agility and incredible acceleration, so you can move around the court with ease. Using 3D-FS for exceptional support, response time, and control. Furthermore, a pro torque chassis uses technology to stabilize your arch and allow for torsion control.

Lastly, another material R-DST+, gives you cushioning and rebound for impressive performance and all-day wear. What you will love most about these shoes is they are perfect for any court surface, including indoor and outdoor. Keep in mind, like the other options, these do not come in wide or medium width.

4. K-Swiss Women’s Express Light Pickleball Shoes

K-Swiss Women's Express Light Pickleball Shoes review
The K-Swiss Women’s Express Light Pickleball Shoes

The K-Swiss Women’s Express Light Pickleball Shoes are not only expressly made for pickleball but offer a lot of value for the slightly high price. First, though, let’s start with the color options as there are four invigorating colors ready to make you look amazing on the court. Choose from gray and coral, blue and yellow, gray and white, or black and red.

A special formula of EVA gives optimal cushioning and durability in the midsole. An ortholite sock liner allows for moisture-management and offers anti-microbial properties to keep your feet from getting funky from perspiration. Add in another layer of EVA cushioning for extra support.

Next, a heel grip lining made of interlocking fibers grips your feel like a sock at the heels to prevent heels from slipping out of the shoe. Pickleball players with plantar fasciitis will love these sneakers. Thanks to a 180 PSC plantar thermal plastic, you get enhanced mid-foot stability. Furthermore, a rubber compound allows for a high-density outsole with protection from heel to toe.

As a matter of fact, the outsole comes in three parts to add extra defense and to resist abrasion. As a lightweight shoe, these are easy to wear all day. The only reason these shoes are lower on the list is because the shoes come in limited sizes depending on the color.

5. K-Swiss Men’s Express Light Pickleball Shoes

K-Swiss Men's Express Light Pickleball Shoes review
The K-Swiss Men’s Express Light Pickleball Shoes

K-Swiss did not forget about men as they made the Men’s Express Light Pickleball Shoes. They come with a similar price and makeup with men’s sizes. Starting with prices, the shoes come in a neutral black and blue, gray and blue, or a bright blue with yellow. Moreover, the men’s shoes are available in a wide variety of sizes, including sizes 7 to 14 with half sizes too.

As the shoes are made specifically for pickleball, you get shoes ready to impress on the court. You get a comfortable, lightweight, and breathable shoe for on-court performance. Both new and advanced players will enjoy this breathable shoe for both hard and clay courts.

Like the women’s shoes, these allow for maximum cushion with multiple layers in the midsole. They include a moisture-wicking sock liner with anti-microbial properties to keep feet fresh. You also get a plantar support chassis for improved mid-foot stability.

Add in all three layers of the outsole for excellent traction. Even better, the outsoles offer extra protection in high wear areas and even defend against toe-dragging. The shoes are perfect for wearing on the court all-day.

6. ASICS Men’s Gel-Challenger 12 Tennis Shoes

ASICS Men's Gel-Challenger 12 Tennis Shoes review
The ASICS Men’s Gel-Challenger 12 Tennis Shoes

While the ASICS Men’s Gel-Challenger 12 Tennis Shoes are not made for pickleball, they are made for playing on a court. Tennis and pickleball are quite similar, and so are the shoes to play both games. If you want variety, these are the shoes for you, as you can pick from six different color variations. They come in extended sizes, too, with options from size 6 up to 15.

Recreational players will love the under-laying support to run the court all day long. Using a Solyte midsole foam, the shoes are lightweight even compared to EVA while giving you cushion and durability. The sock liner is removable in case you want to put your own liner inside.

Gel technology increases the cushioning with shock absorption to allow for toe-off and foot transitions. A strategic outsole placement makes them extremely durable with high abrasion rubber. Another new technology reduces the weight of the sole while maintaining the structure.

All of these elements work together to create a shoe that will help to prevent your foot from injury. Also, if you love to play multiple on-court games, you can use these shoes for all your games. Find out why Asics are so popular with sports lovers.

7. ASICS Women’s Gel-Challenger 12 Tennis Shoes

ASICS Women's Gel-Challenger 12 Tennis Shoes review
The ASICS Women’s Gel-Challenger 12 Tennis Shoes

Ladies can own the ASICS Gel-Challenger 12 Tennis Shoes, too, with a specific model just for women. Get all the same benefits of the male version but with a size and shape tailored to women’s feet. Choose from nine different color options too. Also, you can find your size from 5 to 12 with half sizes. The shoes fit true to size, making these a great choice.

As with the men’s shoes, these are designed for tennis but will definitely work on the court for other games such as pickleball or other sports too. No matter what court game you play, these shoes are ready to offer support and help you play to win. They offer comfort, structure, and support to give you the best game possible.

The shoes offer a unique Solyte material in the midsole to enhance cushioning and durability without increasing the weight of the shoe. Next, a Trusstic system technology further reduces the weight of the shoe and helps to maintain the structural integrity of the outsole. You can remove the sock liner and add in any liner you prefer.

Special gel provides cushioning to absorb shock and support during toe-off. Move freely with these shoes with an ortholite sock liner with moisture management. Enjoy high abrasion rubber to enjoy these shoes for years as they are extra durable on any court.

Buying Guide for Pickleball Shoes

Before picking a pair of shoes, take a few key factors into consideration before picking a pair of shoes. Remember, shoes are very personal as no one has the same feet, and what works for one person may not work for another person.


Will you be playing on a hard court inside, outside, or a soft court? The texture of the court can get rather rough outside and require a different style of shoe with deeper traction. Also, you may want to avoid white shoes. Most shoes will work for both indoor and outdoor courts. What’s more important is to get a different pair of shoes for indoor and outdoor courts and keep them separate.


Shoes need to be comfortable for pickleball as you will fatigue faster with the wrong shoes. Moreover, uncomfortable shoes may cause injury as it could mean they do not fit correctly. Pickleball shoes need to be flexible, too, to keep your feet from stiffening. Another important factor is the weight. Heavy shoes will wear you down and cause discomfort quickly by literally dragging you down.


Make sure the shoes support your ankles as you will be bouncing a lot. Also, get shoes with a stiff toe box for effective toe drag. Ensure you choose shoes with cushioned midsoles for added support exactly where you need them. Finding a balance of comfort and support can be challenging, which is why you need to try on a few shoes and find what works best for your feet.

Other Factors

Next, pick a pair of shoes that breathes so you can avoid sweating. You also want shoes made of rubber or rubber-like material for durability. Ensure the shoes fit without slipping off of your feet, and pick a higher collar for extra ankle support if needed.

Consider shoes with shock absorption as you end up bouncing on the court and need a shoe ready to absorb the pressure and impact. Traction is key, too, as some courts are very smooth while others are not, but either way, you can need traction to keep you from falling. Finally, pick shoes with non-marking soles to prevent damaging the court.

For more information on what to look for when buying pickleball shoes, watch this video:

Questions About Pickleball Shoes

What is EVA, and why is it good for shoes?

EVA stands for ethylene-vinyl, which is a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. Now in English, they are a rubber-like plastic material that cushions while staying lightweight. Moreover, the material is highly flexible and soft. What makes it good for shoes is the flexibility, lightweight, it’s warmer, absorbs shock, and it’s durable. Say goodbye to heavy, uncomfortable shoes, thanks to this fantastic material.

Will running shoes work for pickleball?

Games on the court have different needs than running, as pickleball needs lateral movement. The padding, structure, and everything but the material are different as you use your feet differently for the two activities. In a pinch, you can use running shoes, but they may hinder your game and cause discomfort. If you do use running shoes, make sure they have a lot of traction and absorb shock. Also, try to avoid shoes with major heel support as you need to be on the balls of your feet for pickleball.

Which shoe brand is the best for pickleball?

There is no right answer to the best brand as shoes are very personal. Some people swear by Nike because it suits their foot best. Your best option is to stick with the brand you know works best for your other feet and find a court pair of shoes from that brand. Always try on shoes first as you never know how a pair of shoes will fit until they are on your feet.

Are tennis shoes okay for pickleball?

Of course, pickleball shoes are made for the sport. However, they are not easy to come by but the best choice if they work for your feet. Tennis or racquetball shoes are the next best option. Especially if you play multiple sports, they are a great option. As you become more engaged in pickleball, you can opt to get a new pair if your feet do not like the options available on this list.


Pickleball is a unique sport with special shoe needs. We recommend you try the pickleball shoes by Fila as they are highly-rated and come in both men’s and women’s options. However, there is no way to know what shoes will work for you until you put them on your feet. Keep an eye out for shoes that offer traction, comfort, and extra support in the midsole. Now off to the court!